LMJ Works on Serenity Gardens in Islip

LMJ Management and Construction is proud to work on Serenity Gardens in Islip. This new park will be located at Brookwood Hall Park in East Islip and will specifically cater to the needs of visually and or hearing impaired individuals. It will also cater to autism and those who summer from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Serenity Gardens will also welcome veterans, seniors and the general public.

The vision of this park was to provide a safe space for the special needs community. The park will be enclosed with wide walking paths and divided into 4 areas with a gazebo in the middle. Each quadrant was designed to be geared towards a different special need group, with features to heighten senses. these amenities include fragrant plants and flowers, a garden with a braille system, a walking labyrinth made of stones, sensory walking paths with mulch, tactile pads, rubber and gravel, wind chimes, and a sensory wall.

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