LMJ Employee Spotlight

Bryan Mott, Director of Estimating and Project Startup

1. What is your role at LMJ?

My primary role at LMJ is Director of Estimating and Project Startup. I am involved with all things Pre-Con. I also serve as a direct resource for clients from preconstruction throughout the completion of the project.

2. What have been your biggest accomplishments while working at LMJ?

I was hired here as a Job Site Supervisor and now I am Director of Estimating and Project Startup. I have worked hard and that has been recognized. Its easy to feel accomplished when that happens.

3. What is most fulfilling about your career?

Seeing the progress, both in our work and our company. Much like watching our buildings go up, I have had the privilege of watching LMJ grow exponentially over the last few years. The pride that comes along with that is extremely palpable. It brings me back every day, ready and excited for more.

4. What has been your favorite project to work on at LMJ and why?

I love them all. While the overall goal may be the same, the intricacies of each project vary in such a way that they are all truly different. They all come with their own unique obstacles. Standing back at the end of a project and reflecting on the challenges that were overcome so that a structure could be completed, all while knowing that these structures will serve countless people for years to come, is extremely fulfilling.

5. How would you describe the corporate culture at LMJ?

Every employee at LMJ is valuable. Every employee has their own purpose. We treat each other fairly, almost like family, but while maintaining the important aspects of professionalism in the workplace. I’ve not worked at a company before where a person’s value is not only acknowledged, but also nourished in a way that can help us grow individually and as a company. All of us here at LMJ are in this together and ultimately, we all share the same end goal… Success!